Bhaiya / Anna

This one is an extension of the essay “The odd job”. The auto drivers who are being talked about for their rude and demanding behaviour is a cruel reflection on those who are gentle souls in the same business. The ability to generalise and see individual human emotion as statistics is ineffective when it comes individual interactions. I have been keen on reading those stories. After I sold off my motorbike in 2010 and started practising a simple experiment. Rather owning a vehicle why not use my money (meant for fuel and maintenance for a vehicle) to support someone’s livelihood. Such as the auto drivers who provide the services that I am in need of. On the way, I have collected many stories of genuine and good souls.
The irony of it all is that most auto drivers spend a large amount of their time sitting in those uncomfortable seats and driving around for an average of 12-14 hours a day. In the extreme pollution and without any insurance and physical safety. Ironically those who drive least have more safety and comfort, like the car owners who drive for a few hours daily can pleasure and keep themselves safe with a safety belt and comfortable seats. If the safety of those on the road is a fad why aren’t their safety belts in an auto, I say.

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