An independent & multidisciplinary designer, photographer and sustainability thinker. Designing, curating and documenting for a better and sustainable future. I have been running ABCD, a design studio based in Bangalore, for the past 7 years. Also working on communication design projects as core team member with Collaborative Community, Bangalore.

Unpublished photography works have been a source of learning and inspiration for more than 12 years. How can a true and unadulterated form of sustainability achieved, is still an unanswered question that I’ll keep looking for a solution to.

My work consists of multiple disciplines that create the world around us and is leading towards identifying the problems that have manufactured the imbalance in the process of greedy and capitalistic growth. We all play a puppet of the same game that is designed to ignore the real issues at hand and carry on making our own individualistic futures secure. In the process of individualistic and materialistic thinking, we have forgotten that we are part of the nature that sustains us. Imagine a day without clean water and food, forget about clean air.

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Skype : rahul.khadaliya
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