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Sustainable development is a necessity of our times and times to come for the next generation. I believe responsible design thinking and sustainable thinking is the core value that is redefining a new era for design in the age of global crisis where we are faced with extreme situations from food crisis to over consumption, obesity to malnutrition and growing greed to small & contained living. Designers are much more responsible now to influence the ideas with the responsible and positive intent.




About Me


Over the past 8 years I have worked in various fields of design starting from product design, graphic and communication design, branding and identity, packaging design, user experience design, etc. Also simultaneously developed a passion for sustainability and design. Now I am looking forward to working in the areas of related fields of sustainability and also providing the values of sustainable thinking and design to the traditional fields of design and engineering, focusing on process and thinking oriented approach for designing solutions.

Sustainable design & thinking
Branding & Communication Design
Product & packaging design
User experience design


I have worked with various fields and clients over the past 8 years both as a consultant and running my own design studio ABCD, founded in 2011.

Studio ABCD
Founder & Director
Collaborative Community
Creative head

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